Will being fit and eating healthy really make you happy?


We’ve all envied that person who arrives in to work fresh from a ten kilometre run tucking in to their bowl of muesli, while you’ve over slept and grabbed a bacon sandwich from the canteen. But for those anti healthy living people, there’s always the satisfaction of eating that chocolate guilt free while your friend on a health kick looks on. So, does being fit and healthy really make a difference to your mood? Or are you better off sticking to your treat filled diet?

Keeping fit and everything else in between



We’ve all been told the benefits of exercise and the endorphins it releases, and the effect it has on our waistlines. But does that morning run really fill you with joy? Finding a sport or fitness class that you can honestly say you look forward to is one of the best ways to really make you happy long term. If you dread exercise, then you’ll never sustain what you’re doing, and in the end you’ll feel unhappy when you no longer continue with it.

Many classes don’t only make you fit, but they introduce you to new people and new challenges. Finding a class or sport you think you’ll like can be easy; perhaps you did something as a child or you have a friend who would love to introduce you to something? Not only can exercise make you feel happy by releasing those endorphins and reducing your waist line, it can also increase your social circle and help you learn new skills.

Eating right


OK, a diet of chocolate, crisps and chips is never going to give you that movie star body. But then will a no carb diet really make you happy? Eating healthy is not about giving up things you enjoy; it’s about controlling your diet. Instead of eating that whole chocolate bar, why not just have half? Or perhaps some healthy alternatives might seem more appealing, such as popcorn instead of crisps or oatcakes instead of biscuits. A balanced diet will give you all the energy levels you need, and you’ll find yourself less likely to hit that mid-afternoon slump. Eating what you like, but in moderation, will mean you’re body is getting what it needs and you’re not depriving yourself of anything, making for a happy, healthy lifestyle.


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