30 amazing post-workout snacks to try

Snacking after your workout may not seem important, but getting the right balance of carbs, fats and proteins to satisfy your hunger and help recovery from your workout is vital. Ensuring you down a protein shake or enjoy a protein-packed snack after your workout helps to rebuild tissue. Just ask the guys from the new Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist series, who trained hard for six months to build their physiques – protein shakes were top of the list as their post-workout snacks.

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but what you eat after a workout is equally as important. Which is why we've come up with 30 amazing post-workout snacks for you to try. Don't say we're not good to you.

#1. Protein-packed pancakes

Why not try adding some low-fat cottage cheese and rolled oats to beaten egg whites for a protein-packed pancake? Serve with bananas or fresh berries for the perfect snack or post-workout breakfast.

#2. Bananarama protein shake

This one's simple, for when you're too tired to make much effort. Whizz up a cup of semi-skimmed milk (or you could use non-dairy almond or soy milk) with a sliced banana. Super-healthy!

#3. Incredible Hulk smoothie

We love adding greens to our smoothies for added vitamins and minerals. Ok, so we can't promise you the strength of the Hulk after downing this smoothie, but by blending almond milk with banana, peanut butter, low-fat vanilla yogurt and spinach, you're sure to feel like you're ready to take on anything (even if that's just a pile of filing at the office).

#4. Banana bread bars

Our raw banana bread breakfast bars recipe makes the perfect post-workout snack. Natural sugars from dates, with oats, pecans and of course bananas – what's not to like?

#5. Protein bar

If you're out at the gym why not pick up a protein bar on your travels? Look out for those with less than 10g sugar and between 10 and 30g of protein. The best ones are those with the simplest, most natural ingredients.

#6. Tuna salad

A quick tuna salad with tomatoes and olives tastes great on its own, or heaped onto two whole grain crackers. Tuna is a great source of healthy omega-3.

#7. Home-made granola

Try our ultimate granola recipe topped with slices of banana or apple, served with low-fat milk. The perfect way to boost your energy levels after you've tried out some of our alternatives to the gym!

#8. Eggy bagel

There's little better than an egg sandwich for protein and nutrients after a low-impact workout. Use just the whites of the egg and serve on a wholegrain bagel for the healthiest option. You could even add some low-fat cheese, lettuce and tomatoes if you like.

#9. Mexican omelette

Head home from your rock-climbing session and whip up a tasty Mexican-inspired omelette with eggs, low-fat cheese and black beans. Serve with spicy salsa or home-made guacamole. Avocados are packed with healthy fats whilst the black beans are a great source of fibre.

#10. Chocolate milk

Another simple option for when time (or energy) is limited is a chocolate milkshake. Who said they can't be healthy? Avoid the fat and sugar laden versions and make your own with cacao powder and low-fat milk, or pick up a non-dairy option from a health food store.

#11. Sweet and salty

The combination of crunchy sliced apple and salty cheese is a classic one that you can enjoy on its own or use to top a flatbread or seeded Ryvita cracker. Yummy!

#12. Going Greek

Do as they do in the Mediterranean and enjoy a pitta bread with two spoonfuls of hummus. The carbs are quickly digested, making this the ideal choice after a lunchtime workout. Make your own hummus for the healthiest option.

#13. Scrambled eggs

This is a great way to increase your intake of vegetables – something we all need to do to stay healthy. Add chopped red and green peppers, spinach and red onion to 2 to 3 scrambled eggs. You can add whatever vegetables you have handy; we love some avocado and a few green olives.

#14. Nicely nutty

A slice of wholegrain toast or a flatbread spread with peanut, almond or walnut butter is the perfect protein-packed snack that will leave you feeling energised and satisfied.

#15. Keep it simple

Home-made trail mix is tasty and good for you! Make yours with plain nuts, dried fruit and seeds. Brazil nuts and walnuts are packed with vitamins and minerals including selenium.

#16. Turning Japanese

Here at Expertrain, we're huge fans of super-healthy Japanese dishes and our latest addiction is Edamame beans. Simply steam them and enjoy as a snack; remember not to eat the pods!

#17. Wrap it up

After a boxing training session, there's nothing like a protein-filled wrap to perk you up. Buy high-quality sliced turkey, and spread with nut butter, cream cheese or quark. We like to add a cucumber baton for added crunch – a celery stick or red pepper works too. Roll it up and take a few of these in a tub to your next training session.

#18. Yoghurt pot

Try Greek yoghurt with ground flaxseed, raw seeds (we like Pumpkin and Sunflower) and fresh berries for a tasty-yet-healthy post-workout snack that will leave you feeling satisfied.

#19. Hard-boiled

A simple hard-boiled egg is a great snack if you're in a hurry. Eggs are packed with fat soluble vitamins, amino acids and healthy omega fats – did we mention they're also a great protein source?

#20. Almond butter rice cakes

For a twist on peanut butter and toast, top two rice cakes with almond butter. You could add some strawberry jam for a classic PB & J or top with celery slices for some crunch.

#21. Egg muffin

No, not the kind you find at a drive-through, but our home-made, healthy version. Toast an English muffin and top with a poached or scrambled egg, spinach, a slice of low-fat cheese and a slice of crispy grilled bacon. This makes a great weekend treat after a morning run.

#22. Chocolate peanut shake

If you prefer to drink your post-workout snack, try this 'chunky monkey' milkshake. Blend some low-fat chocolate milk – it's easy to find chocolate flavoured soy or almond milk – with ice, a tablespoon of peanut butter and a sliced banana.

#23. Protein shake

Combine half a scoop of whey protein and half a scoop of casein protein powders with frozen mango and pineapple, or frozen berries, and blend for a fruity protein shake. This is a great way to boost your way towards five a day.

#24. Veggie dippers

Cottage cheese blended with savoury Indian spices makes a high fibre, high protein (and tasty!) dip for raw cucumber, celery, carrots and antioxidant packed peppers.

#25. Oats-to-go

No-cook oats are easy to grab as a quick post-workout fix. Just mix around 30 to 50g of oats with Greek yoghurt, milk or water. Combine with flax seeds, nuts, raw seeds, chopped fruit and some dark chocolate then leave in the fridge, in a sealed container, to let the oats soften. We love this as an easy breakfast after a morning jog.

#26. Ant attack

If you like raisins, serve them on top of an almond-butter topped rice cake for a crunchy, satisfying snack that's high in fibre and protein.

#27. Raw energy bites

A while back we featured several recipes for raw energy bites. We should all try to eat more raw foods, so pack a few of these raw mango, date and sunflower bites or raw superfood truffles in your bag for anytime energy – great for after a workout but equally good if you get a craving for something sweet.

#28. Super-healthy nachos

If you're heading home from a late workout and looking for something healthy to eat, try one of our healthy nacho recipes. Loaded sweet potato nachos are packed with fibre and vitamin A, and of course they also have avocados and black beans for extra vitamins. You could end eating all of your five-a-day at once!

#29. Berry smoothie

Add some extra protein and nutrients to a berry fruit smoothie with porridge oats and natural honey for sweetness. The oats will leave you feeling fuller for longer, which means you're less likely to reach for unhealthy sugar or fat-laden snacks.

#30. Chocolate trail mix

There's no reason why a little of what you fancy can't do you good. Eating chocolate in moderation – particularly dark chocolate, packed with antioxidants – is actually good for you! So try this trail mix with dark chocolate chips, dried coconut, banana chips and macadamia nuts. You could use any type of nuts you like really. Delicious!

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