2014's best health, fitness and beauty subscription boxes

Are you the kind of person who likes getting surprises in the post? Subscription boxes are a huge global trend - you sign up, then every month (or sometimes even twice a month) you get a goodie box in the post, the contents of which are usually a mystery until you open it! Whilst the whole subscription box trend hasn't taken off in the UK QUITE as quickly as it has in the US (there are plenty more health and fitness boxes available over there), there are still quite a few to choose from, and if you're new to this, it can be a bit baffling.

We love the idea of getting a box of surprises in the post every month, and so we've tried out quite a few of the boxes on offer in the UK, with varying degrees of success. Whether you're into beauty products or can't get enough of healthy snacks, here's Expertrain's pick of 2014's best health, fitness and beauty subscription boxes - let us know what you think!

Good Health Box

Anyone who tries to eat healthily will know that snacking is still an important part of your diet, but it's all about which snacks you choose. Sometimes having a little help choosing the right snacks is best and with the convenience of having your snacks delivered in the post, there are no excuses to reach for the biscuits!

What's in the box?

You can choose from a range of boxes including Health Box, Protein Box, Free From BOx and Family Box. The protein box, aimed at athletes and runners, is loaded with high protein snacks with a minimum of 10g protein per snack. Or you can order a vegetarian or vegan box with a minimum of 4g protein per snack. Choose from a small box (10 snacks) or large box (20 snacks) with the option to receive your box monthly, bi-monthly or yearly. There's even a one-month free trial if you don't want to subscribe just yet.

What's the cost?

Prices start at £22.50 per box which represents fairly good value for money, in our opinion!


Launched by three students in Hackney at the start of 2014, JoggBox is the UK's first subscription box aimed at athletes and runners, and its success means we will hopefully see a lot more of health and fitness subscription boxes being launched in the near future.

What's in the box?

In the box, you'll find a different selection of products every month, but as a rule you can expect to receive protein and snack bars, nutritional advice, the latest fitness gadgets and supplements. Each month is a new surprise and if you're not ready to subscribe yet, you can purchase a one-off box for yourself or as a gift for a friend.

What's the cost?

A box costs £15, which we think is a pretty great deal!


One of the UK's first (and most popular) beauty boxes, BirchBox is packed to the brim with beautifully packaged products. Part of the fun of beauty boxes is that you get to sample new skincare, often from expensive luxury brands, without buying the full-sized product, so you can see what's right for you before you splash out. There's the opportunity to fill out an online profile, so your box will be tailored to suit your colouring and the needs of your skin - pretty neat!

What's in the box?

Each box contains 5 luxe samples - so you're not receiving full-sized products, but we found the samples were more than generous in most cases. Brands include Eyeko, BeneFit, Models Own and Trilogy. This is the perfect pick-me-up to brighten your mood and get you through the winter months, keeping your skin and hair looking great.

What's the cost?

A box is just £10 plus £2.95 postage, or you can save money by signing up for a 6 month subscription for £50 or a year for £90. Why not consider giving a subscription as a gift for your friends who are into beauty products?


Ladies, we're sure you've heard of Glossybox, a popular competitor to BirchBox. The packaging is what really stands out here - a beautiful pale pink box - and everything is beautifully presented. Again, you can fill out an online profile with information about your skin type or any skin concerns you have, such as acne, your eye and hair colour and complexion - products will be tailored to suit you!

What's in the box?

Each box contains 5 full-size beauty products, which is where Glossybox beats rivals BirchBox, in our opinion. Having a full-size product is great if you like it, as often samples don't last long and for some of the luxury brands, buying the full-size product may not be an affordable option. Boxes contain brands including Agent Provocateur, Amie, Anatomicals and Becca, to name a few.

What's the cost?

Just £10 plus postage and packaging, which for 5 full-size products with a minimum retail value of £33 is exceptional value for money - plus we love receiving a pampering surprise every month!

My Little Box

Look across the channel for this box, which ships to customers direct from the My Little Box headquarters in the most romantic city in the world, Paris! Rather than calling it a beauty box, we like to think of it as a happiness/lifestyle box, and its contents are more varied (and exciting) than some of the other boxes in our list. It stands out from the crowd thanks to its beautifully illustrated packaging and contents - in-house illustrator Kanako adds her quirky designs to everything.

What's in the box?

Each month, you'll receive lots of little surprises including two full-size beauty products (one from in-house brand My Little Beauty), a travel-size beauty product, fashion and lifestyle accessories (such as a scarf, hairband or laptop case) plus a beautiful illustration and magazine. December's box included goodies for wrapping Christmas gifts, a knitted headband, a deep red lippie, L'Occitane moisturiser and Cow Shed body lotion. All beautifully packaged and a real treat to unwrap at any time of year! Each box has its own theme - past themes have included 'Paris' 'Christmas' and 'Cosy'.

What's the cost?

£11 plus £3.95 shipping a month (all the way from France!) and you can cancel at anytime.


Not really a subscription box as such, this is a snack service you can sign up to online and choose the frequency of your deliveries. We know how hard it can be choosing healthy snacks and Graze really are the leaders of the pack, with loads of variety so you're never bored! They've recently introduced some new options too such as their Breakfast Box, Protein Top-up Box and Flapjack box, so whether you have a sweet tooth or are into savoury snacks, there's plenty to choose from. We love their nut selections which includes moreish salt and vinegar nuts!

What's in the box?

Each box includes four healthy snacks. We love that you can rate the snacks you've received and choose whether you like or love them, plus there's also the option to 'bin' snacks you don't want to receive or tick 'send soon' next to any you can't wait to receive! Particular favourites at the Expertrain office are the gooey Graze Brownie, made with grated beetroot - it's really delicious - and the nut selections, including savoury crackers and cheese cashews. Yum! Even better, each box fits through your letterbox and you can have it delivered to your home or desk. Snacking at your desk has never been so much fun.

What's the cost?

Each box costs from £3.89 (and includes free p & p!)

We hope this has given you a taster of some of the health, fitness and beauty boxes that are out there. A subscription to any of these boxes makes a great gift if you're not sure what to buy a friend, or why not treat yourself?

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Date On 22nd Dec 2014 at 15:38

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