Cut down on your drinking without cutting it out

Let’s face it; most of us drink too much alcohol. While we may be health conscious in plenty of other ways – going to the gym, eating organic, cutting out sugar – alcohol consumption is a blind spot for many, holding us back from complete health and fitness.

Most alcoholic beverages are full of sugar, which builds up over time resulting in that stubborn belly fat many of us struggle to lose. Added to this, alcohol generally leads to late night snacking, undoing all our good diet work from earlier in the day.

But giving up alcohol is simply not an option for most of us. Whether you enjoy a glass of wine in the evening or a night out over cocktails at the weekend, it represents relaxation, fun and socialising.

Follow our five tips to help you cut back on your alcohol consumption, without cutting it out completely and losing your social life.

1. Eat while you drink


By drinking alcohol with a meal or a snack, you will be more aware of the calories you are putting into your body, and you can enjoy your drink more slowly.

2. Be the designated driver


One surefire way to limit your drinking is to volunteer to be the designated driver any time you go out in a group. Eliminate the risk of having a cheeky drink (or two) by deleting the taxi numbers from your phone and keeping your car keys close at hand.

3. Finish your glass before refilling it


At dinner parties, a good host will make sure your glass is never empty. However, this can make it hard for you to tell how much you’ve had to drink. Insist on finishing your glass before accepting a refill, so you know exactly how much you have been drinking.

4. Alternate alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages


It’s an old rule but it works – for every alcoholic drink you take, have a soft drink. You will stay hydrated and cut your drinking by at least half over the course of a night.

5. Spend more money on better alcohol


Treat alcohol as a luxury, and associate it with decadence and expense. Spend £50 on a bottle of wine, instead of £5.99, and you will force yourself to really savour every drop, making your bottle last and last.


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