Beat the Monday blues with 19 delicious vegan breakfasts

Got the back-to-work blues? Forget bacon and eggs; our selection of 22 delicious vegan breakfasts are dairy-free and packed with protein and fibre. Many of them include several portions of fruit and vegetables, which count towards your five-a-day. Who said breakfast had to be boring? You'll never be caught with a dreary slice of toast again – so banish those Monday blues and get inspired with our great ideas; no eggs in sight!

#1. Vegan French toast

You might think vegans can't enjoy French toast – you'd be wrong. This tasty recipe from Love and Lemons uses almond milk, nutritional yeast (for eggy flavour), millet flour and spices for all the taste of traditional French toast without eggs. You can make this gluten-free by switching the bread. Great for lazy weekend breakfasts or those days you have a late start when working from home.

#2. Tofu breakfast scramble

Bon Appetit's breakfast scramble is so good, your non-vegan friends won't even realise they're not eating eggs! Turmeric is used to turn the tofu yellow, whilst black beans (packed with fibre), grated vegan cheese and healthy avocado add a Mexican vibe to this breakfast dish.

#3. Chocolate banana nut oatmeal

When we saw this recipe on the Food Network, we had to include it – look, the title contains three of our favourite things! Each portion has 382 calories, for a filling yet healthy breakfast. Use antioxidant-rich dark chocolate chips for a healthier twist. The addition of almond milk and walnuts gives a nicely nutty flavour. Walnuts are a source of omega-3 and can reduce your risk of heart disease.

#4. Pearrific smoothies

You've probably seen (and hopefully tried) our recipe for green smoothies last week. This smoothie is packed with fruit, vegetables, minerals and enzymes and is a great way to increase your intake of fresh vegetables. It's vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free and yeast-free. Spinach is an excellent source of iron, ginger boosts your immune system and chia seeds help to leave you feeling full. Did we mention it tastes of pears? Yummy!

#5. Mexican avocado and refried beans on toast

Always a fan of beans on toast, we love this recipe from Serious Eats, which takes the humble snack to a whole new level. You can make your own re-fried beans (so you know exactly what goes into them) or purchase them at a supermarket. They're filled with fibre and flavour, whilst avcocado is a source of healthy fats. This quick, hearty breakfast is ideal as a pre-workout breakfast, when you're in the mood for something savoury.


#6. Chickpea pancake

Sort of like a tortilla, sort of a giant pancake, this chickpea recipe from Oh She Glows makes a super-filling breakfast after a run, as chickpea flour is high in protein – it's also naturally gluten-free and packed with fibre. You can serve this with whatever toppings you like. Try mushrooms with chives, or avocado, salsa and hummus.

#7. Blueberry waffles

Waffles are a delicious treat, and Post Punk Kitchen's recipe includes antioxidant and vitamin C packed blueberries and wholewheat flour, plus almond milk. Use olive oil, a source of good fats. You can use whatever fruits you like, but we love blueberries or strawberries.

#8. Tofu omelette

Minimalist Baker's fab tofu omelette recipe contains 22 grams of protein per serving, and not an egg in sight! So it's a great post-workout breakfast on a cold weekend morning. This recipe includes silken tofu, nutritional yeast and hummus – it pretty much resembles the real thing when cooked. It's a great way to include more vegetables in your diet -try mushrooms, spinach, tomato, onions and red pepper. Top with fresh salsa and some vegan parmesan. Delicious!

#9. Baked granola bars

Sugar-free, nut-free, vegan granola bars are ideal if you suffer from nut allergies or are cutting sugar from your diet. These bars from Oh She Glows are jammed full of seeds and sweetened with dates, cranberries and vanilla extract. Whip up a batch at the weekend for healthy breakfasts and post-workout snacks all week long!

#10. Peanut butter granola

This is Alicia Silverstone's recipe – luckily she's not as clueless about nutrition as her character in the cult 90's movie. If you've already tried our ultimate granola recipe and are itching for yet another new type of granola to try, this one from the Kind Life is for you. All you need is oats, peanut butter, honey or maple syrup, vanilla and cinammon. Serve with almond milk for a great, dairy-free start to the day. This is also good if you're craving something sweet at any time of day.

#11. Breakfast butty

Why should bacon butty lovers have all the fun? Vegans can enjoy a breakfast butty too. How about this Mushroom Melt sandwich from the Lunch Box Bunch? With vegan sausage and cheese, sprouted grain mufins, mushrooms and spinach, it's a savoury delight that's best reserved for Sunday mornings in bed. Lovely!

#12. Blueberry banana breakfast muffins

Oh She Glows has done it again – healthy spelt muffins that are vegan and refined sugar free, made with your choice of dairy milk, flax seed, spelt and healthy olive oil. Add maple syrup for sweetness and antioxidant-packed blueberries and bananas for two of your five-a-day and we're really talking.

#13. Sunshine juice

How about a glass of sunshine to banish the back-to-work blues? This is another recipe from Oh She Glows – Vitamin A from the carrots and zingy, vitamin C packed grapefruit will leave your skin glowing, whilst ginger detoxifies and boosts the immune system. Add a chopped banana if you need additional sweetness.

#14. Oatmeal with strawberries

This pan-made oatmeal (or porridge, as we call it here in the UK) is super-good for you. Make yours with coconut milk and brown sugar, like this recipe from Tree Huggers, and add strawberries or bananas to boost your intake of fruit. Or you could use blueberries, as the recipe suggests.

#15. Lovely lemon pancakes

We're a little obsessed with pancakes at the moment, and this recipe is sure to put a zing in your step! Using lemon juice and zest for a fruity kick and soy or almond milk plus a mashed banana to replace the fluffiness of beaten egg, these pancakes are simply divine served with a little maple syrup as a morning treat.

#16. Rhubarb porridge

Perfect after a morning run, this tangy porridge uses non-dairy milk or water; use soy or almond milk for added calcim. Sharp yet sweet rhubarb is delicious and the added pecans give you a protein and vitamin E boost, for glowing skin.

#17. Crispy quinoa cakes

There aren't enough savoury breakfast/brunch ideas out there and we think this Oh She Glows recipe is perfect for a hearty brunch. Quinoa is a complete protein and these are soy-free, gluten-free and nut-free. They're also packed with sweet potatoes, a source of vitamins A, B and C, which are slowly digested by the body, so you're less likely to reach for unhealthy snacks.

#18. Vegan frittata

If you're having friends over for brunch or looking for a healthy vegan dish after a lunchtime workout, this frittata is sure to impress. With a brown rice crust, it contains plenty of vegetables – kale, spinach, peppers and mushrooms. This is super-filling, diary and gluten-free and just amazing!

#19. Breakfast carrot cake

We know what you're thinking; cake for breakfast? If Love and Lemons say it's ok, it must be so. This healthy cake recipe is great to banish sweet cravings for breakfast or as a mid-morning treat. Spelt flour, almond milk, vitamin A packed carrots and vegan cream cheese means this recipe isn't quite as naughty as it sounds; a little goes a long way, and it's ideal with a mug of coffee!

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