5 healthy food swaps to make today

We're all guilty of enjoying unhealthy snacks from time to time. Fizzy drinks, chocolate and crisps fulfil your cravings, giving you a quick energy boost. This short burst of energy will leave you feeling tired later in the day – ever wondered why you're dozing off at your desk at 3pm? Dump your donuts and kick your cake habit with these 5 healthy food swaps you can try today!


Craving the crunch of your favourite crisps? Pick up a box of flatbread from your local supermarket for all the crunch but less of the calories (and fat). You'll find tasty flavours such as sweet chilli and or keep it simple with a multi-seeded flatbread for extra nutrition. These are moreish with some cottage cheese or hummus, for a high-protein snack.

Cakes and biscuits

If there's no satisfying your sweet tooth, you might need to think outside the box a little. Ditch those donuts and cakes filled with sugar and bad fats, and try blending frozen bananas to make banana 'ice cream', or baked apples.

Fizzy drinks

Coke and other fizzy drinks are bad news for your teeth; but you already knew that, right? Why not make your own fizz with elderflower or pomegranate cordial and sparkling water? Just as fizzy, but with less sugar and additives. If you're cutting back on alcohol, you can enjoy a fruit spritzer rather than one with white wine!


There's a certain time of the month when a chocolate craving strikes many women; if this sounds like you, there are healthier options available! Craving chocolate usually means your body needs magnesium, so you could try munching a handful of nuts or seeds. Or swap your usual Dairy Milk for a few squares of dark chocolate – it's good for your heart and has anti-inflammatory properties!


Craving a crunch fresh-baked baguette or a slice of crusty white bloomer? Carbs are an important part of your diet, however if you're daydreaming about toasted English muffins, try eating a high-protein flapjack or omelette instead to banish your cravings. Or swap your usual bread for crackers, crispbread or even Ryvita, for a healthier option.

Make these 5 healthy swaps today and always ensure you drink plenty of water to enjoy a happier, healthier lifestyle, instantly!


Author By Paula Beaton
Date On 2nd Sep 2014 at 11:24

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