Five unbelievably easy cooking tips for low fat meals


Let’s face it, most of our best loved food isn’t healthy, and it can be difficult deciding what to eat to keep to a balanced diet. However, with a few simple cooking tips it’s easy to cut fat intake down to a minimum without losing any of the flavour.

1. Swap butter and vegetable oils for spray olive oil

With olive oil being well known as the healthier option, there are many spray oils that mean just a fraction of oil will be needed in a recipe, avoiding great big blocks of butter or glugs of oil from sending the fat content sky high. Stir fries from the takeaway for example are notorious for ending up dripping in oil but a homemade version with spray oil will be a revelation in taste and texture, as vegetables stay crisp and meat isn’t greasy.

2. Invest in a griddle pan

Both electric and conventional griddle pans are fantastic for cooking meat, as the ridged bases mean that fat released with the heat can be drained and easily thrown away. For a summer steak sandwich buy a good cut of meat, trim off the excess fat, season generously, and then cook on the griddle to see all of the excess fat vanish. By turning meat regularly all of the juices inside will stay in, meaning that meat stays moist and tasty without the need for lots of added oil or butter.


3. Learn to make muffins instead of cakes

OK so a muffin is still probably not the healthiest of things but they can be lower in fat than their cupcake cousins if care is taken. For example, muffins rarely come with icing and definitely not with frosting which is essentially 50/50 fat and sugar. Find a recipe that uses milk and eggs instead of butter to create the moisture and substitute the sugar for fruit to sweeten things up, and suddenly muffins look almost saintly compared to a slice of Victoria sponge.

4. Buy strong flavoured cheese

Lots of the yummiest savoury food relies on cheese for its rich flavour but cheese is not the friend of anybody who’s trying to cut down on fat. This is why buying a strong cheese is a good idea. A very mature cheddar packs tons of flavour with only a small amount, so in recipes where cheese is essential just use a little sprinkle of the good stuff and the flavour will remain delicious even though the volume used is much smaller.

5. Learn to steam food properly.

Some people rely on their fancy steaming machines to cook all of their food but anyone can steam with ease with a little practise. Favoured for its ability to cook quickly and evenly, steam cooking also helps to lock essential vitamins inside while keeping everything moist. Steam cooking is very quick so perfect for busy midweek meals in a rush, and steamed fish is a delight, negating the need for rich buttery sauces.

Soon these five healthy cooking tips will become second nature to any cook, and mealtimes will never go back to being unhealthy again.


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