10 Things to do with gorgeous guacamole

Simple, delicious and super-healthy, guacamole is packed with good fats and it's a great alternative to creamy dips loaded with saturated fat. Avocados are having a moment right now, and making your avocados into guacamole is a fantastic way to enjoy them - it's so easy to make and yet tastes so good! But you don't have to stick to using guac as a dip for your pitta chips or as a topping for nachos. There are loads of different, tasty things you can do with guacamole, and we've got 10 ideas to tempt your taste buds.

#1. Make some sandwiches

Guacamole makes a great alternative to butter or margarine in your sandwiches, and it adds loads of flavour too. We love combining guacamole with roasted vegetables on toasted bread for an open-faced sandwich that helps you get your five-a-day, but you can really add guac to any sandwich you like! It tastes pretty amazing with bacon too, FYI.

#2. Top your burgers

Dense, meaty beef burgers and creamy guacamole - need we say more? Well, if you want to keep things Paleo, you could swap out the traditional burger bun for a veggie bun. Portobello mushrooms work well here, whether you're enjoying a beef burger or a veggie burger. Avocado helps keep veggie burgers moist and complements beef burgers perfectly, but don't opt for shop bought. Making your own means you have total control over the ingredients, so there will be no additives or preservatives.

#3. Make tostadas

We can't express how much we love this recipe for cheesy guacamole tostadas. If you've ever just wanted to eat guac and chips for dinner, this is the recipe for you! Ready in 20 minutes, toasted tortillas loaded with spicy home-made guacamole and grated cheese does count as dinner - and it's healthy too!

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#4. Add to baked potatoes

Who doesn't love a baked potato? Crispy on the outside (most of the nutrients are in the skin) and fluffy on the inside, the baked potato is comfort food at its finest! But rather than topping your potatoes with butter or creamy toppings loaded with mayo, why not go for guacamole! Every bit as creamy, you can whip up a guac and tuna topping or add some veggies to the mix - or simply enjoy with the potato on its own!

#5. Serve it with fish

Fed up of tartar sauce? Swap out the traditional fish accompaniment for home-made guac for a delicious change. Served with fried fish or crab cakes, guacamole's creamy texture is perfect with fish and super-healthy too.

#6. Slather it on smoked salmon

Guacamole makes a great topping for rice cakes, with some smoked salmon. The creamy texture of avocado and mild flavour goes perfectly with salty, rich smoked salmon and as an added bonus you're getting monounsaturated fats from the avocado and omega-3's from the salmon! This is equally good on toast or as a sandwich filling - but opt for whole-grain bread wherever possible.

#7. Freshen up your fritters

Falafel, courgette fritters, sweet potato cakes - even bean burgers taste better with a dollop of guac on the side. The best part about making your own guacamole is that you can tailor the amount of salt, chilli and lime juice to suit your tastes! There's no need for sugary ketchup or other sauces loaded with additives when you have guacamole to hand.

#8. Make guacamole veggie tacos

Using soft flour tacos is a healthier option than the hard shells, and you can make this Mexican favourite even healthier by filling your tacos with guacamole, black beans and corn. You could even add some crunchy red pepper, if you like!

#9. Try guacamole pizza

Bored of tomato sauce on your pizzas? How about giving this recipe for guacamole pizza a go? Once you've made your basic guac and pizza dough, this is pretty simple to assemble, and you can add other toppings of your choice - we love tomatoes, mushrooms and maybe a little goat's cheese. Delish!

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#10. Top your hot dogs

Guac on a hot dog is up there with the very greatest things to eat, in our opinion! Forget mustard, onions and ketchup, we're all for a big dollop of guac and some sriracha sauce, for a spicy twist! Try to buy high-quality hot dogs and make sure you know where your meat comes from. The fewer preservatives and additives, the better it will be for you.

No more excuses for wasting guacamole - there are loads of ways you can use up your leftovers (if you have any!) We'd love to hear about your ideas, so get in touch and share them with us!

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Author By Paula Beaton
Date On 3rd Sep 2015 at 16:21

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