15 Healthy cracker recipes to munch this month

Crackers are a great alternative to carb-heavy bread and they're the perfect addition to a healthy diet. You don't have to eat them with cheese - try enjoying them with dip, as an accompaniment to soup or topped with chicken or tuna salad for a protein-rich option. They're even great as a sweet treat with nut butter and bananas or Greek yoghurt and berries. Yummy!

Making your own crackers means you can monitor what goes into them rather than buying pre-packed shop varieties, which can often contain additives. Our 15 healthy cracker recipes are ideal for a light lunch at home or at work, or for serving with your favourite healthy soup or toppings.

#1. Cheese Twists

Cheese twists, or cheese straws, might not be the healthiest option on our list, and they're not technically a cracker, but they're a great choice for serving with drinks, fresh guacamole or white bean dip or even with tomato soup! All you need is some ready-rolled puff pastry, grated cheese (or vegan substitute) and your oven to make these delicious snacks.

#2. Rye and Pumpkin Seed Crackers

Topped with cheese and chutney, or a zingy, light omega-3 packed tuna salad, these rye crispbreads are a world away from stale, carboard-like pre-packaged rye crispbreads found at your local supermarket. They're easy to make and pumpkin seeds are packed with magnesium, copper, zinc and protein, as well as antioxidants that can help to keep your heart healthy (1).

#3. Nacho Cheese Chips/Crackers

Image credit: The Comfy Belly

A great alternative to processed chips which are loaded with salt, fat and MSG, this recipe uses almond flour and freshly grated cheese, with a hint of chilli to add spice. Delicious served with a spicy tomato soup, guacamole or salsa - they're so cheesy!

#4. Flax Crackers

They may not be the most attractive crackers, and the recipe might not be the most exciting thing you'll bake this winter, but these crackers are so easy to make and are a great way to eat more raw, unprocessed foods. You'll need a few specialist ingredients - golden flaxseed, tamari and agave - but you'll be able to whip up several tasty batches of crackers! Top these with nut butter and bananas or Greek Yoghurt and berries for a treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth!

#5. Sweet Potato Crackers

A kid-friendly recipe that the whole family can get involved in making, this easy recipe is loaded with nutritious vitamin A from the sweet potatoes that can help to keep their eyes healthy. You'll probably already have most of the other ingredients in your fridge and cupboard, so this is the perfect recipe for those days when you can't face a food shop.

#6. Salt and Pepper Crackers

Image credit: Elena's Pantry

Gluten-free and grain-free, this recipe only has four ingredients - eggs, almond flour, sea salt and black pepper. This is one to keep to hand for emergency cracker moments! We love to serve these crackers with some cheese and a hearty bowl of soup, such as minestrone.

#7. Spelt Thins

Topped with crisp slices of apple and cheddar cheese or a light chicken salad, these spelt crackers are so simple to make, although you will need to soak the spelt first. Spelt is a healthier alternative to wheat, with a rich nutty flavour that some people prefer! It can help to regulate your metabolism and improve digestion, great if you're trying to stay fit and healthy (2)!

#8. Multi-seed Savoury Crackers

Image credit: BBC Food

These wholemeal seed crackers are delicious served with hummus (which is loaded with protein from the chickpeas and good fats from olive oil). With flax seed, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds, a touch of honey adds sweetness. The seeds will fill you up and give you energy, making these a great post-workout snack!

#9. Vegan Herb Crackers

Vegan crackers loaded with herbs are a real treat. If you grow your own herbs then you could use fresh, or try herbs de provence or mixed dried herbs if you don't have fresh to hand. We love these almond-flour crackers!

#10. Beetroot and Cheddar Crackers

Image credit: Heather Christo

If you're looking for smaller, bite-sized crackers to nibble on or serve with drinks, these are moreish! They're a pretty purple colour from the beetroots, whilst shallots and mature cheddar cheese add loads of flavour. You only need a few ingredients to make these healthy nibbles that are a great alternative to crisps.

#11. Parmesan Basil Crackers

Another tasty recipe great for snacking, these crackers could be served with fruit, cheese, salad and maybe some deli meat for a light lunch! The simple dough is made from flour, salt, pepper, basil, butter, cream and parmesan, so whilst they're a bit heavier than other crackers and definitely not an everyday event, they're great for a treat.

#12. Easy Vegan and Gluten-Free Crackers

This recipe from Oh She Glows is gluten-free, vegan and low-fat, so it's a guilt-free way to enjoy crackers! It uses nutritional yeast, garlic powder and dried herbs for bags of flavour, with the addition of sesame seeds for crunch. This is one of our favourite vegan cracker recipes that makes great post-workout fuel or a light lunch at work. Try topped with cheese, nut butter, tuna, chicken - whatever really!

#13. Raw Vegan Cheese Almond Rosemary Crackers

Image credit: Choosing Raw

We're not going to lie, these taste pretty amazing crumbled over your favourite winter salad. Or enjoy them as a light lunch with vegetable soup or the toppings of your choice! These healthy crackers have cheesy flavour thanks to the nutritional yeast, are loaded with raw ingredients and are flavoured with fresh rosemary. It's simply a case of blending the ingredients and dehydrating the crackers to finish. Yum!

#14. Peanut Butter Crackers

A great treat for kids (or a snack for adults), you could use any type of nut butter to make these crackers. Most of the ingredients can be found in your store cupboard, and you'll find the protein from the nuts and the rolled oats will help you to stay full for longer. These will keep in an airtight container for around a week, but don't expect to have any left by then!

#15. Homemade Wheat Thins

Image credit: Smitten Kitchen

These healthy thins from Smitten Kitchen contain natural ingredients and they're easy to make, just make sure you roll the dough very, very thin! Served with home-made tomato soup, these paprika-spiced thins are perfect.

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Date On 14th Jan 2015 at 10:27

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