19 healthy desserts you can make in a blender

Sweet tooth? Cravings never quite satisfied? Yeah, we know the feeling. If you’re anything like us, you get to the end of a delicious meal facing two problems: 1. You want something sweet to make the meal feel complete. 2. You can’t really be bothered to make anything else.

Luckily, we’ve come across some super simple recipes that’ll satisfy your sweet cravings and – this is the best part – can all be whipped up using just a blender. Yep – sweet treats in seconds! Here are 19 of our favourites.

1. Three-ingredient pineapple whip

You’re only three ingredients and mere minutes away from an exotic taste sensation that will not only keep you cool in the summer months but is also gluten- and dairy-free!

2. Instant blueberry frozen yoghurt

There’s nothing like the taste of frozen berries to make it feel like peak summer season. So even if it’s not a scorcher outside, treat yourself to this instant summer treat and make it feel like a July day.

3. Mango and orange parfait

Mangos and oranges are a match made in taste heaven. Complement with some walnuts and pistachios, and you’ve got a beautiful dessert for any occasion.

4. Black bean brownies

Yes, we hear your incredulous cries of “black beans?!” On the surface, not an ingredient you’d turn to for a sweet fix. But trust us; these brownies are the real deal. Simply mix everything together in a blender, pop into the oven, and enjoy.

5. Banana raspberry oatmeal cookies

A blender is a kitchen essential for the lazy baker. Here’s another example of a delicious baked treat, with minimal prep required.

6. Chocolate pots du crème

This could be a great dinner party option. Everyone would be impressed, and no one would need to know that your dessert took no time at all.

7. Pumpkin pie ice-cream

OK, this recipe does require an ice-cream maker. And we know that’s not something everyone has to hand in their kitchen. But we’ve done the research for you and there are ways around this obstacle. They might take extra time, but this recipe is certainly worth it. And if you want to do it the quick way, there’s always the straightforward blend-and-freeze option! Give it a try.

8. Skinny peanut butter swirl brownies

The creator of this recipe promises that these are the best brownies you’ll ever taste… As self-proclaimed brownie connoisseurs, we were dubious of this claim. But these brownies are not only simple – they’re also dreamily good!

9. Lemon and coconut cream mousse

Whip up this easy-peasy mousse and your rainy London flat will melt away, to be replaced by gently swaying palm trees and waves lapping at your toes. (Well, not literally, but this mousse is really that good.)

10. Chia chocolate pudding

What if you didn’t save these desserts for dessert, but instead made them your breakfast…? This one has raw cocoa powder at its centre, making it a genuine option for kick-starting your day.

11. Dutch pancakes

Get your pancake mix just right by doing it all in the blender first. Quick, easy, no fuss!

12. Apple vanilla Greek yoghurt pancakes

Spice up your basic pancake mixture and make dessert, breakfast or any other time truly satisfying! These are quick and easy to make, and still pack a hearty punch.

13. Acai bowl

We’ve all heard about the powers of acai. This bowl provides an excellent way of getting your acai fix, super-fast. Makes for a really tasty summer breakfast!

14. Magic one-ingredient ice-cream

Pick an ice-cream flavour. Any flavour. Peanut butter, chocolate, Nutella, strawberry… Simply blend with frozen banana as your base and there you have it! Delicious ice-cream in record time.

15. Vegan chocolate pudding

This recipe is almost fat-free. Unheard of in the dessert world! But when you substitute cream with potatoes (yes, potatoes), almost fat-free is the result you get. Tastes good, and is good for you.

16. Pumpkin pecan fudge

The great thing about using a blender? Takes the pressure of you and your stirring arm. So when a recipe calls for you to mix all ingredients together in a bowl, you know what you need to do.

17. Carrot cake muffins with pecan frosting

This recipe takes a little more time and effort than most others in this list, but a blender is still your most basic and vital piece of equipment. Get blending, and enjoy the classic carrot cake taste.

18. Gluten-free sweet potato brownies

Potatoes make yet another appearance in the list here. That’s because, despite their rep as a root vegetable that’s best with baked beans or roast beef, they provide a great base for truly creamy, hearty cakes. Use your blender wherever it asks you to mix in this recipe.

19. Raw chocolate coconut balls

Use your blender to make these sweet yet healthy treats, and then store them for nibbling on for up to two months.


And there you have it! Have you tried any of these blender recipes? What’s the verdict? Let us know in the comments below.


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