Healthy Green Smoothie Recipe

When making smoothies, it can be tempting to use lots of fruit to create tasty, sweet treats. However, these are very high in sugar, and may not be as healthy as you think. Vegetables can be introduced into smoothies to ensure they remain as healthy as possible. With a little bit of guidance, these can be just as tasty as the high fruit alternatives, whilst providing even more health benefits. This recipe contains lots of bright green vegetables, which contain large quantities of essential vitamins and minerals. Play around with the quantities of each vegetable until you find the desired consistency and thickness - some people prefer their smoothies to be thicker, whilst others prefer to add less vegetables to make them easier to drink.

What you'll need:
A handful of spinach,
A handful of kale,
One small banana,
One lime,
One tablespoon of almond butter.

How to make your super healthy, green smoothie:

To make the smoothie, place the spinach and kale into the smoothie maker or blender. This should be added first, to keep them weighed down. Add the banana and almond butter next, before juicing the lime and adding this to the rest of the ingredients. Add water according to your own personal tastes, and blend. If it's a warm day, and your blender has ice crushing capabilities, you can also add ice to create a Delicious frozen treat. Alternatively, add some ice to the glass before pouring out the smoothie. Enjoy!

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