No more sandwich boredom - 6 super-healthy recipes to try!

Lunch should be healthy - it needs to fuel your body for the rest of the day and get you through that mid-afternoon slump! But it should also be varied and interesting. Sandwiches are the most popular lunch option as they're quick and portable, but many pre-packed varieties are loaded with fat, salt and sugar - they can also be pretty boring. So what do you put in your lunchtime sandwich beyond a basic ham salad? We've got 6 super-healthy ideas designed to put an end to sandwich boredom and get you loving lunchtimes again. Enjoy one of these after your lunchtime workout back at the office, or on a lazy weekend, when you have a bit more time.

#1. Crispy Tofu and Sweet Potato Pumpkin Spread

"But I don't like tofu!" we can hear you shout. Ok, so tofu isn't for eveyone, but even those who aren't huge fans of tofu might like this tasty take on a vegan sandwich - we certainly do! Vegan food doesn't have to be bland and boring; it can be colourful, nutritious and packed with flavour. Pumpkin and sweet potato spread is sweetened with a little maple syrup and loaded with vitamin A, for healthy skin and eyesight. Spread on a toasted roll with crispy tofu fried in healthy coconut oil and topped with the salad of your choice (we love cucumber, tomato, lettuce and red onion) - this is as close to the perfect vegan lunch as you're gonna get!

#2. Beetroot, Goat Cheese and Rocket

We love this simple-yet-healthy veggie sandwich which uses creamy goats cheese, sharp beetroot, red onion and rocket leaves. You could even add some avocado! This only takes minutes to prepare, so you can enjoy it for a lazy weekend brunch or pack it up and take it to work at the office.

#3. Hummus and Tabbouleh

This Middle-Eastern take on a healthy lunchtime sandwich uses pitta bread, which is really affordable to pick up on your weekly shop. Make a big batch of the tabbouleh salad and you can enjoy leftovers for lunch or dinner all week - it complements salmon (loaded with omega-3 fatty acids) and marinated chicken beautifully. Home-made hummus is a great recipe to master as you can add it to sandwiches or serve it as a dip with pitta toasts or raw vegetables - plus if you make your own you can be sure there's no additives! Chickpeas are packed with plenty of protein that will fill you up and give you energy to get through the day; so this is the perfect lunch to have before that big meeting or presentation.

#4. ALT - Avocado, Lettuce and Tomato

One of our favourite sandwiches of all time, the BLT, gets a healthy twist by replacing the bacon with avocado! It's a switch we approve of here at Expertrain HQ; we're all a bit nuts about avocados! If you fancy mixing things up a little, you could mash the avocado and add a little garlic salt, some lime or lemon juice or a pinch of chilli flakes for spice. It's up to you whether you want to add the cheese mentioned in the recipe or leave it out - we think it has plenty of flavour without the cheese, and with the antioxidants in the tomatoes and good fats from the avocado, this is a healthy, satisfying lunch option that will become a favourite.

#5. Falafel Pittas

This recipe may sound complex, but whip up a batch of these little chickpea falafel at the weekend and you can enjoy tasty lunches all week - they're great served with salad too! With protein and fibre-packed chickpeas, spices, garlic and carrots, these are moist and delicious. The creamy yoghurt and mint dressing is super-healthy too and all you need is a toasted pitta and salad of your choice to enjoy a lovely lunch at just 279 calories per serving. These falafel freeze well, so why not make a double batch?

#6. Turkey, Apple and Brie Wrap

Turkey is a fantastic source of lean protein, making it the ideal choice for energy-packed sandwiches. An apple a day might keep the doctor away - at the very least it's one of your five-a-day, whilst brie is a source of calcium. Combine the three and you get a delicious wrap with a simple honey mustard dressing that's going to give you enough energy to get through the afternoon. The best part is you can add any other veggies you like - try lettuce, red onion and some tomato for even more goodness. Yum!

If you're concerned about carbs when it comes to sandwich munching at lunch time, try making an open sandwich with just one slice of bread or toast - this cuts the carbs and still gives you all the protein and energy! Most of these sandwiches are quick to prepare and loaded with goodness, so they're perfect for taking to work or enjoying on a day off.

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Author By Paula Beaton
Date On 1st May 2015 at 15:30

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