15 Green and healthy St Patrick's Day recipes

Happy St Patrick's Day! Whether you're Irish, Scottish, English or from another part of the world entirely, enjoying March 17th with some good green grub is a great way to celebrate St Patrick's Day. Because green beer and other slightly less healthy options won't do you any favours health-wise, we've got a few healthy green recipes for you to try at home!

#1. Green Pancakes

What could be better for breakfast, brunch, or even an after work snack than some of these pancakes? We like to make them with some kale or spinach, so they're loaded with vitamin C and iron, and packed with plenty of protein from the eggs and Greek yoghurt. Serve with the lime-coriander butter suggested for a real treat!

#2. Matcha Green Tea and Coconut Pancakes

Matcha green tea is used a lot in Asian cuisine, to add 'green tea' flavour to various dishes. This healthy recipes uses coconut flour and buttermilk, so it's ideal if you're eating a gluten-free diet. Sprinkled with some chopped pistachios, Greek yoghurt and honey, we think these pancakes are perfect for St Patrick's Day!

#3. Lucky Shamrock Smoothie

We're not promising you'll find gold at the end of that rainbow, but starting your day or finishing your workout with one of these smoothies is sure to bring a smile to your face! With antioxidant-packed grapes, potassium-rich banana, and vitamin C-loaded kiwis, this creamy smoothie is sweetened with just a touch of honey, and it's also protein-rich thanks to the addition of yoghurt. Yum!

#4. Minted Mushy Peas

Not like the kind you get at the chippy, or out of a tin, this fresh-tasting recipe is loaded with goodness and makes a great side dish for chicken or fish. It also tastes amazing on home-made crackers or crostini! All you need are some frozen peas, mint, butter and salt and pepper to whip up this simple-yet-delicious side.

#5. Colcannon

No list of St Paddy's Day recipes is complete without an authentic recipe for good old Irish Colcannon. Nigel Slater's version uses mashed potatoes, kale, leeks and some ham - but you could make it without the meat if you're veggie. Great as a side-dish, or could even be used as a main if you're adding the ham.

#6. Avocado Fries

We love us some avocado - mashed into home-made guacamole, used as a toast topping or sandwich spread or even added to salads, we can't get enough! We're a bit in love with this naughty-but-nice recipe, which involves breading and deep frying wedges of avocado and serving with a coriander and lemon dipping sauce. This is more of a treat than an everyday recipe, but it's far healthier than a bag of crisps packed with additives - avocados are loaded with good fats that can help to keep your body healthy.

#7. Kale Chips

Can't get enough of the savoury crunch and saltiness of a bag of crisps? Make the switch to kale chips - even if it's only occasionally - to enjoy all the health benefits of kale and the crunch of crisps in one bite! Oh She Glows has plenty of tips for creating the perfect kale chips, from spreading your kale in a single layer to baking on a low, low heat. This recipe for dressed kale chips is pretty amazing too!

#8. Guacamole

Guacamole is THE most amazing dip. But steer clear of supermarket guac, which is often packed with double cream and other additions that simply aren't necessary! This dip's creamy texture goes great with crunchy home-made pitta chips, and because avocados are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids, they're so good for you! Deliciously Ella's recipe keeps things simple with avocados, tomatoes, jalapenos, coriander, lime juice and salt!

#9. Green Falafel

Traditional falafel are a great addition to a pitta bread with some salad for a light lunch or dinner, packed with fibre and protein-rich chickpeas. This green version uses parsley and coriander for added flavour and the green colour. Delicious served with salad, pitta and maybe some tahini sauce or hummus.

#10. Spicy Salsa Verde Chicken

Making a green chicken dish for St Patrick's Day dinner is sure to be a crowd pleaser. The sauce for this chicken is made with plenty of fresh basil, coriander and parsley, seasoned with jalapenos, orange and lime juice, garlic and shallots. It's best to cook your chicken on a grill pan and cook it on the hob for that lovely charred effect. Delicious!

#11. St Paddy's Pizza

Think of pizza and a Domino's Mighty Meaty might come to mind - but pizza doesn't necessarily have to be unhealthy! This veggie version uses broccoli, rocket and pesto for a tasty topping, reduced-fat cheese (or you could use the cheese of your choice) and pre-prepared pizza bases for a quick, easy dinner. To make this even healthier, make your own cauliflower pizza base!

#12. Green Macaroni Cheese

It may not sound like the most appealing thing in the world, but kids go nuts for green macaroni cheese - make it on St Patrick's Day, Halloween, or whenever really! This version uses fresh spinach and jalapenos - if you're making it for kids, you may wish to reduce the amount of spice to taste. Easy to prepare, healthy and quick, this is the perfect St Patrick's Day dinner!

#13. Avocado Ice Cream

You'll need an ice cream maker to whip this up at home - but using creamy, rich avocados to make ice cream makes perfect sense to us! All you'll need is some Greek yoghurt, avocados, sugar, lime juice and cream to make this delicious, creamy yet healthy dessert. Trust us - you'll never look at avocados the same way again!

#14. Shamrock Mini Mint Cheesecakes

If you're planning a St Paddy's Day party, what better dessert to serve up than these mini mint shamrock cheesecakes? You can serve them on-the-go with drinks or as part of a buffet spread for people to help themselves, and they're kind-of healthy too. Well, they're mini, for a start, so you'll be consuming fewer calories than if you were to eat a large slice of cheesecake!

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#15. Home-made Spinach Wraps with Greek Salad

Buying wraps from your local supermarket means you could end up consuming additives you didn't intend to. Why not make your own and add spinach to the dough for an extra-healthy touch? The Greek salad filling has protein-packed chickpeas, olives, crumbly feta cheese, tomatoes, red pepper and cucumber and some smoked paprika - one of our favourite spices. Yummy!

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