Single this Valentine's Day? Don't be sad, here are 6 healthy ways to celebrate!

Valentine's Day is almost here once again, and if you're not coupled up for the love-liest day of the year, fear not! Here at Expertrain HQ, we're always thinking of ways to make you guys feel healthier and happier - so if you're single, prepare to have a cracking Valentine's Day with these 6 healthy ways to celebrate.

#1. Have a pamper

Whether you splurge on a spa weekend, treat yourself to a massage - great for aching shoulders or lower back pain (guys, this is great for you too!) - or simply treat yourself to a pampering evening at home, enjoy yourself this February 14th! Valentine's Day is all about love, so love yourself with a little 'me' time. A coconut oil hair mask or facial will leave you glowing and rehydrate skin and hair, or treat yourself to some natural beauty products from ranges such as Aubrey Organics or Green People, which you'll find in most health food stores. Then dim the lights, run yourself a bath and unwind!

Top tip: Add a few drops of essential oil to a warm bath to help you relax - we love using lavender and ylang-ylang; smells divine!

#2. Get fit, have fun

You don't need to be coupled up to enjoy a fitness date this Valentine's Day. British Military Fitness are inviting single men and women to attend one of their classes this year, and who knows, you could meet The One! If that sounds a little out of your comfort zone, why not try something new like trampolining, aerial fitness or even pole dancing?

Top tip: Any form of exercise will get your endorphins flowing, boosting your mood and ensuring a happy February 14th, but for the biggest boost, choose a workout that really gets your heart pumping, like a dance class or group run.

#3. Raise a glass

Drinking in moderation is actually good for your health, but rather than treating yourself to a few vodka and cokes, reach for a bottle of wine instead. Red wine contains antioxidants which raise the levels of omega-3s in your body and can help to reduce your risk of heart disease (1). Hit your nearest wine bar with friends or enjoy a glass at home in front of your favourite rom-com.

Top tip: You don't need to spend a fortune on the very best wine - even supermarket own-brand red wine contains antioxidants!

#4. We like to boogie

Who doesn't love to dance? A night on the tiles will get those endorphins flowing, keep you fit and boost your mood, so you're less likely to find yourself crying into your empty wine glass as you scroll down your Facebook news feed of loved-up couples. Dancing is a great way to burn calories - just 30 minutes dancing burns 150 calories! And if you're not going out, a dance around the house to your favourite tunes will do too. Just don't forget to close the blinds first.

Top tip: Stay hydrated if you're on the dancefloor on a night out - especially if you're drinking alcohol.

#5. Enjoy a healthy meal

Invite some single friends over and cook a meal together, or whip up a delicious, healthy meal for one. Cooking from scratch is creative and satisfying - plus you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour! You'll find plenty of recipe inspiration on our blog - and eating mood-boosting foods can help you to feel happier this Valentine's Day.

Top tip: Try to include some lean protein (such as chicken, fish or nuts) and some good fats in your meal - good examples include salmon, avocados and olive oil.

#6. Treat yo'self

Who needs to wait to be bought a Valentine's present? Go on, treat yourself, you've earned it! Why not buy yourself some of that funky new gym gear you've had your eye on, or those new Nike running shoes you've been dying to buy! You could even pick up a cool yoga mat or a colourful kettlebell - or sign up for that fitness class you've been meaning to try for ages. Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Top tip: Don't fall into the trap of treating yourself with food if you're feeling a bit blue. This can create an unhealthy cycle where you view food as a 'reward', which could lead to overeating and weight gain.

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Author By Paula Beaton
Date On 9th Feb 2016 at 14:14

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