Homemade protein shakes - two quick and tasty recipes

Whether you'd rather not shell out for protein powders or just prefer the healthy, homemade option, there are easy and delicious alternatives you can make in your own kitchen.

The importance of protein is widely known, but besides its obvious muscle building properties, protein is an essential part of blood, cartilage and even your hair and nails. Whether you've just got back from a gym session, a run, or you're just looking to get a good balance to your nutrition, these recipes will give you the action-packed protein hit you're looking for.

Recipe 1

This quick and simple recipe is easy to throw together in a hurry, just chuck it all in the blender until smooth. Chia seeds are everyone's favourite new superfood, so add up to a tbsp for an added boost.

1 medium-sized banana, peeled and chopped
150g low-fat soya or natural yoghurt
130ml semi-skimmed milk (almond, soy and dairy-free also work)
1tbsp peanut butter
2tsp Chia seeds
Honey or cinnamon to taste

Recipe 2

Use this recipe to top up your blood sugar levels and fend off muscle cramp. If honey isn't your thing, add in a few drops of vanilla essence to appease your taste buds.

2tbsp rolled oats
2 medium-sized bananas
200ml cup milk (same rules apply as above)
75ml cold water
1 small handful blueberries
1tsp honey
1/4tsp cinnamon
3-4 ice cubes

Tip: Blitz just the water and icecubes first to get the smoothest finish.

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