Is it bad to eat the same foods every day?

We get it. Sometimes it’s just easier to find the foods you really like, settle into a routine and get on with life. Let the food take care of itself. Our days can be busy enough already, what with work and relationships and attempting to stay on top of a workout regime, without us adding meal-planning and the chore of cooking into the mix. Sometimes, when you’ve been to work, been to the gym and caught up on your social life, the easiest thing to do is turn to the food that you know will go down well every single time.

But is this routine actually good for you? Well, you might be surprised… We’ve listed the top reasons for eating the same way every day.

1. It’s the most efficient way of eating.

Save time. Save money. Save yourself from worrying about what to eat every morning, noon and night. If you only eat from the same selection of foods, you’ll know how to cook them, you’ll spend a consistent amount each week, and you’ll always know what your next meal will be. More brainpower leftover for bigger decisions.

2. You can choose the healthiest selection of foods.

If you only have a small range of foods that you eat every day, you can make that range as healthy as it can be. That way, there’s no reaching for the takeaway menu each evening. You already have good foods that you know you like, waiting right there for you in the kitchen cupboards.

3. Simplicity in your diet can lead to greater simplicity in your life.

When you start to simplify one area of your life, the rest can naturally follow. Building that willpower muscle and exercising discipline every day can become a practice that benefits the rest of your life, too.

Just remember:

While a routine diet can be the most efficient, there is something to be said for injecting some variety from time to time. After all, it’s the spice of life. And it’s important that our bodies get all the nutrients they need. If you’re looking for optimum performance but also relying on the same foods to sustain you from day to day, make sure those foods come in varying colours and contain a range of the vitamins and minerals you need to be your best.

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