5 make-at-home Mexican meals to try this weekend

Everyone loves Mexican food – the spice, the lime, guacamole and Jalapeños. But Mexican takeaway or restaurant food can be packed with additives and preservatives. We're all about creating good food from scratch using the healthiest ingredients, so we think it's far better to cook your own Mexican meals at home. Healthy guacamole made with fresh avocados, antioxidant-packed salsa and even fish tacos – following on from our healthy nachos recipes, we have the recipes you need for a Mexican night in with friends this weekend!

#1. Salmon tacos

We know that salmon is a great source of omega-3, which helps reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke whilst boosting brain function and fighting inflammation. But it's also a delicious, versatile fish that tastes amazing. We love this fishy take on tacos served with a spicy chipotle lime yogurt, salad and chilli. Mmm!

#2. Mexican tortilla salad

Black beans are a great source of fibre and this Latin American style salad is perfect as a light lunch – or leave out the croutons and enjoy as a side salad with our creamy courgette pasta. Packed with tomatoes, avocado, coriander and lettuce, make your own simple vinaigrette to drizzle over this vegetable packed salad.

#3. Prawn fajitas

Chicken fajitas are one of the best things in the world – yes, we'd eat them everyday if we could! It's important to keep your diet varied though, so why not swap chicken for prawns and add a spicy Mexican hit with chilli, garlic, lime and coriander? Whizz up your own guacamole for a truly yummy meal.

#4. Mexican steak and beans

Carnivores, we have a treat in store for you! This is the ideal alternative to a traditional chilli con carne, with the steak providing plenty of protein. If the sun is shining, grill your steak on the BBQ, otherwise a frying pan will have to do. This recipe is packed with black beans and pinto beans for fibre, steak for protein and fiery chipotle paste, which you'll find in most supermarkets.

#5. Squash and black bean quesadillas

We couldn't very well forget about vegans when creating our list of Mexican recipes, could we? Quesadillas are a great way to get more vegetables into your diet and we love this combination of earthy black beans with sweet butternut squash. But you could try sweet potato with kidney beans, or any other combo that takes your fancy! Make your own delicious guacamole from scratch; you can adjust the spice levels to suit.

Author By Paula Beaton
Date On 22nd Sep 2014 at 13:28

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