12 portable, energy-boosting snacks

As I write this sentence, the time is 3.13pm and I’m itching to get out of my seat and see what’s in the fridge (although I know it’ll only be the same things that were in there when I made my lunch three hours ago…). It’s always around this time of day that cravings can strike and energy levels start to dip. If we go four or more hours without eating, our energy can crash quite significantly. That’s according to Lisa Moskovitz, R.D., who says the best thing to do is enjoy a nutrient-rich snack that’s low in sugar and saturated fats if we want to avoid the mid-afternoon slump.

We know that those nutritious snacks aren’t always easy to obtain. That’s why we’ve got a list of 12 great snack ideas right here. They’re all portable and good for you, so take one (or more) of them with you at work or when you’re out and about to save you caving in to those cravings.

1. Apple or banana and peanut butter on rice cakes

So quick, so simple. Just chop, spread, wrap and go. Or, if you can find those one-serve squeezy packs of peanut butter, take the separate components with you to prepare on the go.

2. Popcorn

Such a great, portable, tasty snack! If you’re making your own, try drizzling with coconut oil for a really sweet taste.

3. Cheese on a stick

Remember those cocktail sticks with cheese and pineapple you’d have at birthday parties when you were a kid? You can have fun making them for yourself all over again! Add the traditional pineapple, pickled onions or something entirely different. Cherry tomatoes or grapes are fantastic.

4. Green smoothie

If you have a blender, you can stockpile some frozen ingredients and make your own super smoothies in your own home. Check out this green smoothie recipe and take it with you when you head out tomorrow.

5. Vegetables and hummus

Chop up some veggies, grab a tub of hummus, and you’ll be golden at snack time!

6. Hard-boiled eggs

Yep, eggs! Packed with protein and other good things, like vitamins B12 and B6, eggs are almost the ideal portable snack – as long as you hard-boil them, of course.

7. Almonds

Almonds and other nuts and seeds, like Brazils and pumpkin, were made to be eaten on-the-go. Stash a bagful away with your work things and enjoy nibbling throughout the afternoon.

8. Wholegrain cereal

Cereal isn’t just for breakfast time. A bag of it (dry, of course) can see you right through the workday, as long as you go for the nutritious, wholegrain varieties.

9. Berries

Or any fruit, really. Apples, bananas, oranges, berries… They all come ready-made for snacking on. Plus, they’re full of the really great vitamins and minerals (and sugars, too) that perk us back up when we’re in a slump.

10. Sandwiches

There’s nothing like a traditional British sandwich. With some whole wheat bread, you can replicate any of your favourites, from cheese and pickle to PB & J. Make them mini sandwiches to avoid simply having a second lunch!

11. Tuna and crackers

Tuna can give you some much-needed protein for a mid-afternoon boost, while some wholegrain crackers can give you some slow-release carbohydrate energy. Great together for a PM pick-me-up.

12. Roasted chickpeas

Simply roast some chickpeas, drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper, for 20 to 30 minutes, and get ready for a crunch, nutty snack when you need it most.


What are your great portable snack tips? Let us know in the comments below!


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