Protein snacks you can carry anywhere

Don't get caught short without a healthy, filling snack. Here are 9 protein snacks to grab and go.

We all know why it's important to fuel up with protein at every snack and meal: not only is protein necessary for muscle and cell growth and repair but it is very filling, leaving you less likely to reach for a sugary snack moments later. Don't get stuck without a snack when you're out and about. Here are 10 snacks you can pack to prevent you turning to the vending machine, sweet shop or service station….


1) Homemade Trail Mix 

Avoid the sugary trail mix on offer in shops and make your own. Combine raw, plain nuts, seeds and dried fruit with a few small chunks of roughly chopped dark chocolate for a crunchy, tasty snack packed with calories from healthy fats and protein. Walnuts top the list of nutty health benefits.

2) High Protein Wraps

Buy quality, low-sodium turkey slices, spread them with quark, cream cheese, or nut butter, add a thin baton of cucumber if you like, and roll up tightly. Pack a few of these into a tub and carry with you for the ultimate finger food.

3) Steamed Edamame Beans

Simple, fresh and very healthy, steamed edamame are a wonderful snack packed with nature's own protein, minerals, vitamins and nutrients.

4) Fruity Slice Sandwiches

Slice your favourite apple and sandwich two slices together with nut butter (why not try natural almond butter) for a cute twist on sandwiches.

5) Veggies And Protein Dip 

Cut up raw veggies and then blend some cottage cheese with your choice of herbs and spices (try indian spices for a savoury kick). When hunger strikes, tuck into your high protein, high fibre snack.

6) Yoghurt Pot

Mix real Greek yoghurt with some raw seeds, berries and ground flaxseed (golden linseed) for a go-to snack that's super healthy and will fill you up.

7) No-Cook Oats

Keep a batch of these in the fridge to grab-and-go. Combine 30-50g raw oats with your choice of water, milk or Greek yoghurt, and mix ins such as raw seeds, nuts, flax, chopped or grated fruit and a little dark chocolate. Try screw top jars as a container. The oats will soften so you won't need to cook them.

8) Hard Boiled Eggs

There's no simpler protein snack than cooked and cooled hard boiled eggs. Whole eggs are a complete protein, with all amino acids present, and also pack a nutritious punch of omega healthy fats and fat soluble vitamins.

9) No-drain Tuna

If you're really in a pinch, snack on tinned tuna fish. Amazingly filling, low fat and super healthy, it's a great go-to when you're stuck. The no-drain tins are very handy to keep in your bag, car, desk drawer and gym workout bag. Just don't forget to pack a fork too!


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