6 easy ways to include more fruit and vegetables in your diet


We all know that we are supposed to be eating more fruits and vegetables but, despite the well-publicised health benefits, many of us fail to include enough portions of them each day. It is true that the vitamins and minerals work wonders for our well-being, and the flavour of a fresh fruit salad or a delicious plate of roast veggies is something to cherish and enjoy.

So, you will be pleased to hear that upping the amount of fruit and veg that you consume is easier than you might think, so we have listed our six top tips below.

1. Make it convenient. If you have a fruit bowl on your coffee table or an apple in your desk drawer, you will be far more likely to snack on these healthy goodies. If you can make it easier to grab a piece of fruit than it would be to buy a slice of cake or a bag of chips, then half the battle is already won.

Make it convenient

2. Make gradual changes. We are far more likely to stick to changes that we make slowly and consistently, so try introducing just one extra portion of fruit or veggies per day for a week. After that, up it again, but do so in a way that you can realistically maintain.

Make gradual changes

3. Add fruit to your breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day, so whether you are a fan of breakfast cereal, porridge or a piece of toast, add some berries to your bowl or slice a banana onto your bread.

Add fruit to your breakfast

4. Vow to try new varieties. It's easy to get bored of apples, oranges and carrots if they make up 90% of our fruit and veg intake. Make a commitment to try at least one new fruit or vegetable per week and you will soon start to enjoy hunting down new recipes and trying exciting new flavours.

Vow to try new varieties

5. Drink it up. An easy way to consume a vitamin-packed smorgasbord of fresh goodies is to get yourself a juicer or a blender and start drinking daily juices and smoothies. Start with safe, familiar combinations of flavours, but don't be afraid to be adventurous when you really start to enjoy it.

Drink it up

6. Make it fun! Eating more fruits and vegetables is great for your health and fitness levels, but it should not feel like a chore. Enjoy playing with flavours and presenting the brightly coloured ingredients so they look appealing on your plate.

Make it fun

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