Six simple cooking tips to include more vegetables in your diet


Everyone knows that vegetables offer many benefits to the body, but most people don’t really enjoy eating them. Taste is normally the main excuse though it is also more of a challenge to eat them raw. Because of the benefits you get from eating healthily it might be a good idea to discover ways to include more vegetables in your diet.

1. The timing of serving

By having a starter of broccoli and celery you encourage your family to eat well when they are hungriest. Serving food this way makes it very likely the vegetables will be eaten. You can also try making them look more appetising by dishing up a selection of colour combinations such as potatoes, carrots, beans, corn and boiled peas.

2. Add vegetables to sauces

Mixing lightly steamed vegetables with a variety of sauces can make them more appealing. This cooking tip can help with children who can be very fussy with their food. But if you add garlic and oyster sauce to a plate of veggies it’s more likely they’ll disappear. You could even hide vegetables in the sauces that go with meat and seafood dishes, then you can watch your family’s diet improving without them even realising!

3. Make a spaghetti sauce containing vegetables

Cooking those family favourites like pasta and spaghetti are perfect ways to serve up more vegetables. While the meat is in the pan you can also throw in some chopped tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and garlic. When this is perfectly mixed together your family will thank you for this highly nutritious meal.

4. Vegetable soups are always a winner

After boiling up a saucepan of soup with pork ribs or chicken bones why not throw some green vegetables into the pot? This sort of dish will contain a great deal of vitamins and nutrients. If the soup is thick it could make you feel full very quickly from the variety of food it contains.

5. Noodle soup

For those of you who like ramen or instant noodles you should know that adding carrots, green vegetables and cabbage turn it into a very healthy dish. The great thing with this is the speed it takes to prepare, making it the ideal way to steer your family towards a great diet. To balance out the textures you could also try having the meal with zucchini or raw cucumbers. But don’t forget that when you add flavour enhancers they contain a lot of salt.

6. Trying mixed vegetables

Onions, carrots and peppers, for example, taste great if you lightly stir fry them with salt and herbs. Perhaps you could make a mixed dish with peas, carrots and macaroni? Don’t forget that steamed sweet potatoes are great source of high-fiber and vitamin-A!

For anyone looking to lose weight eating more vegetables should be an important part of your new diet. We have seen in studies time and again that healthy food will help you burn calories and keep the pounds off!


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