15 Super stir fry recipes

Stir fries are a great way to ensure you're eating more vegetables, and lightly cooking ingredients in this way preserves the nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. Here at Expertrain HQ, we're huge fans of stir fries – ones with veggies, ones with meat, even ones with tofu! Adding Asian spices and flavours to your food is a great way to boost your immune system too – garlic, ginger, turmeric, chilli and other spices can detox your body and prevent you getting a cold (or blast away the sniffles) this winter.

Stir fries are also a great option for those nights when you've come home from work, been to the gym and have zero energy left. They're quick and easy to make and most take just a few minutes chopping and cooking. So we've come up with our favourite 15 stir fry recipes – there should be something here to suit all tastes!

#1. The Perfect Stir Fry

Let's start with this stir fry from Deliciously Ella, which is a great way to get your five a day! With its creamy tamari and tahini sauce and buckwheat noodles, it's not only super-healthy and filling, it's also veggie packed. In fact it contains carrots, spinach, red cabbage, red peppers and broccolini – yum!

#2. Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry

Trust Jamie to give us one of our favourite stir fry recipes ever! If you're craving a cheeky Chinese takeaway, take some time to whip this up at home; it's far healthier, and no MSG! With lean sirloin steaks for protein, vitamin C packed broccoli and a soy and sesame oil dressing, it only takes minutes to make, so it's the perfect weekday dinner.

#3. Prawn and Snow Pea Stir Fry

Prawns are so healthy, they're the ultimate fast food! They're a low-fat source of protein, packed with omega-3 fatty acids for healthy brain development (1), and they taste amazing with Asian flavours. We love this stir fry which uses two main ingredients, prawns and snow peas (or mangetout) with a light dressing. We like to use some lime juice in place of the lemon and add a splash of soy for delicious flavour. Serve with brown rice or noodles.

#4. Beef with Pak Choi, Mushrooms and Noodles

This healthy stir fry noodle bowl has a delicious, warming broth that's packed with ginger, garlic and chilli, so it's a real winter warmer and immune booster. The beef is thinly sliced and lightly seared, so it stays really tender and it's packed with protein and iron, whilst vitamin C and antioxidants from the veggies pack a nutritional punch. One for those frosty days!

#5. Miso-Marinated Tofu and Aubergine Stir Fry

One for the vegans, this delicious meat-free stir fry uses aubergines, which are one of our favourite vegetables! They're great in stir fries as their soft flesh soaks up all the flavours of the marinade or sauce, and they're also full of vitamins, minerals and fibre; they can even help lower your cholesterol (2). In this stir fry recipe, they're tossed with tofu, miso (which you can find in most supermarkets) and garlic for loads of flavour. Served with noodles, this is a satisfying, healthy stir fry that is sure to become a favourite.

#6. Cajun Sausage, Pepper and Onion Stir Fry

We always associate stir fries with Asian flavours, but you can make them about anything you like really! This Creole style stir fry has a touch of the south and uses Cajun seasoning, chicken sausage and prawns, together with antioxidant packed peppers – we prefer to use the red variety as they contain the most vitamin C!

#7. Chicken and Mango Stir Fry

Chicken is a great lean protein source but sometimes it needs a little spicing up to give it extra flavour. Mangos aren't just for the summer months, and in this stir fry they add a delicious fruity kick! To save time, you can use pre-prepared bags of stir fry vegetables from your local supermarket, although we find slicing veggies for a stir fry quite relaxing, plus it means you can choose which vegetables to use. We recommend red peppers, beansprouts, cabbage and carrots – don't forget the spring onions! Serve this with noodles or brown rice for a healthy dinner that's packed with flavour.

#8. Watercress and Chicken Stir Fry

This stiry fry has a delicious sweet and sticky sauce that we can't get enough of, so it's a great alternative to a Chinese takeaway at the weekend! It uses hoisin sauce (ready made) and soy, plus ginger, rice vinegar , sesame oil and garlic for its authentic taste. Throw in some chicken, cashew nuts, peppers, onion and of course the watercress and you have a healthy, tasty dish. Watercress has been shown to help prevent cancer and it's an excellent source of vitamins A, C and K (3), which promotes bone health. Get stuck in!

#9. Thai Basil Pork Stir Fry

We love the hot, sweet, salty and sour combination of Thai food, so when we saw this recipe, we got a bit excited! It uses pork, but chicken would work equally well, or you could even use tofu or just vegetables for a vegetarian option. It's the sauce that takes centre stage here, so it's a good idea to head to your local Asian supermarket (you could also order ingredients online if you're a fan of Thai flavours). This sauce uses Golden Mountain Sauce, made with soya beans and salt, fish sauce, soy sauce, brown sugar and lime juice with a splash of oyster sauce. It's sweet, sticky, salty and authentically Thai. You can add some extra vegetables of your choice such as baby corn and mangetout, to increase the nutrients, if you like.

#10. Thai Lettuce Wraps

Ok, so this isn't a traditional stir fry, but the ingredients are fried before being served in lettuce wraps, for a lighter take. This makes a great dish to serve friends, and the filling can be prepared in advance. With carrots, shallots, mushrooms, cabbage, spring onions and lettuce, it's a great way to get the kids (or your other half) to eat more vegetables, and the sweet, spicy Thai sauce is perfect.

#11. Stir Fried Korean Beef

This tasty recipe uses spinach, a great source of iron and vitamin C, and lean beef strips. We like to add some red or green peppers and use low-sodium soy sauce to reduce the salt content, but other than that it's a pretty perfect recipe that you can whip up in minutes!

#12. Vegetable Stir Fry

According to Jamie Oliver, the secret to great stir fried veggies is not to overload your wok, or the veggies will start to sweat and steam, rather than lightly fry. You want your vegetables to still have some crunch, so they'll only take a minute or two to cook over a high heat. The best part about this recipe? You can use whatever vegetables you like!

#13. Thai Vegetable Stir Fry with Tofu

Forget bland, boring vegetarian food – this Thai stir fry elevates vegetables to a whole new level, and it's packed with vitamins and antioxidants to give you energy and boost your mood!The marinade for the tofu – hoisin sauce and brown sugar – and the stir fry sauce of soy, hoisin, stock, sweet chilli sauce, rice vinegar and sherry – are what really adds the flavour, and you can use all your favourite vegetables, the more brightly coloured, the better!

#14. Stir Fried Corn with Chilli, Ginger, Garlic and Parsley

This makes a great side dish or can be served on its own – use real corn on the cob for the sweetest flavour. Adding Asian flavours to corn might seem odd, but salty soy and spicy chilli are the perfect complement to the sweetness of the corn.

#15. Stir Fried Vegetables with Seared Tuna, Soy and Sesame

Juicy tuna is a real treat and it's a great source of omega-3 (good fats!) Here it's seared to keep its flavour and served with a mixture of colourful vegetables and a tasty Thai style dressing of soy, fish sauce, palm sugar, lime and sesame. This has to be one of our favourite quick, easy dishes that's also pretty impressive!

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