The Cheat Day


Take the tape off. You’re allowed it!


Diet for 6 days of the week and on the 7th we ram as much carbs and sugar down our necks as possible. Sounds great, right?


What is cheating?

Cheating can means a couple of different things:

1) As stated above, some people diet for 6 days a week and use an entire day to eat as they please.

2) Some continually diet and on one day of the week they exchange ONE healthy meal for ONE meal of their choice. ANYTHING.

3) Some choose to select a time period presumably because a day is too long but a meal not enough. E.g. 4 hours to eat what you like.

A Little Science

The science behind the cheat day is all about metabolism. Eating more can boost leptin production and help the body burn more calories when it’s overheated (working out). Dieting causes leptin levels to drop (making weight loss attempts slightly harder). While all-out-cheat days – I.e. eating anything you want all day – may not be the answer to losing weight, trying to keep leptin levels consistent could help when trying to lose weight.

We would say 1 cheat meal a week is ok but nothing more.


Other ways to keep leptin levels consistent:

  • Protein – Overeating once a week on high a high – protein diet will boost resting metabolism.
  • Complex Carbs – Not Fats – Given the choice of the two go with complex carbs over fats.
  •  Red Over White – Pretty much all alcohol has a negative effect on leptin, but red wine is the exception, its positive… for females. (Sorry lads!)

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