The Perfect Boiled Egg

The perfect boiled egg is a matter a taste. Some of us prefer a soft oozy center, perfect for dipping crispy soldiers into. Whilst others’ prefer a hard boiled egg, beautifully peeled in a nicoise salad.

I am a great lover of both and think it depends on which dish you are serving. However for some reason it seems nearly impossible to get that perfect yolk 100% of the time so I have a few helpful and simple steps to help you out!


You will need

One egg

One saucepan


Salt & Pepper

Firstly, if you wish for a hard-boiled egg which is easy to peel it’s best to use an egg which is several days old. So try and buy your eggs a week in advance to when you want to boil them. Pop the egg in the saucepan and cover with an inch or two of cold water - the cold water will stop the eggs from cracking. If you only have fresh eggs you can add a spoonful of vinegar into the water so that if any do crack the egg whites will not run. Heat the pan till it reaches boiling point and then remove from the heat and cover with a lid. Leave the egg to stand and cook in it’s own water for either:

2 minutes – the white is not completely set and the yolk is completely raw.

4 minutes – the yolk is runny, thick and lovely

6 minutes – the yolk has started to set but is still runny in the very center.

8 minutes – the yolk has set but is still tender.

10minutes – the yolk is completely hard.

These timings have been based on using large eggs so if they are a bit on the small side you will need slightly less time)

Once the appropriate time is up be sure to submerge the egg into cold water, this will stop the egg from cooking any further. Peel the egg once it has cooled and season with some salt and pepper. If you don’t wish to eat them straight away pop them in the fridge and eat within 1 week.


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