The 'skinny' on Green Tea

Over the past few years, green tea consumption has really taken off in both the USA and UK. It’s one of those beverages that health conscious people rave about, and is usually advertised as being key to overall well-being. However, it’s often promoted in a vague manner, usually with a mention of antioxidants, but little information on how it actually benefits the consumer.

Researchers have taken a variety of approaches to the study of green tea and how it affects our bodies. While one study showed that tea consumption over a number of months can decrease waist circumference by nearly 5 per cent, others focused on the link between tea and atherosclerosis, strongly indicating that drinking several cups of tea a day can decrease risk of developing the condition. Drinking tea has also been associated with everything from healthier bones to lowered risk of cancer. Statistics also show that those who drink tea are more likely to survive in the event of having a heart attack.


Of course, some people just don’t like tea, or find it monotonous to drink the same thing four times a day. Try adding some variety, as there are a number of flavours that really complement green tea. Lime or lemon juice can be a delicious addition to your tea, as can a slice or two of fresh ginger. Honey is also popular, particularly in combination with lemon. Cinnamon can be a nice add-in, particularly during the winter, while mint leaves can be added in order to create a more refreshing, summery drink. Experiment with flavours – some people even add coconut oil to their tea. Check online for the various health benefits derived from the variety of add-ins you can put in your tea for flavour. While Brits in particular tend to like mixing their tea with milk, this may in fact neutralise some of the elements that make tea so good for you.

For optimised benefits to your health and well-being, we recommend that you drink loose tea. If you prefer bagged tea (because in all honesty, it is much more convenient) try to stick to organic brands.


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