6 ways with chicken that aren't bland and boring

It's no wonder really that healthy eating has a less-than-great reputation. If you think it's all steamed broccoli and dry chicken breast, of course you'll want to avoid anything deemed "healthy" or "clean" like the plague. Where's the fun? While eating for good health is, of course, advised, we also believe eating should be an enjoyable experience.

So, back to that chicken. It's a fantastic source of protein, no doubt. And if cooked in the right way, it's low in fat, too. It's clear to see why so many health and fitness enthusiasts are chicken advocates. But please don't think you're only meant to eat it bland and dry. There are so many ways you can jazz up your chicken, and below are just 6 of them. Enjoy!

1. Pasta pesto with garlic and rosemary chicken

Pasta and pesto is a classic combo in itself, which could become stale over time. Salvage three oft neglected ingredients in one go with this tasty take on a great pasta dish.

2. Spice-rubbed roast chicken

This is a superb way of adding intense flavour, without also adding lots of extra salt or fat. Plus, you get to choose which spices to best complement your tastes.

3. Peanut noodles with chicken

It's like having your favourite Asian takeaway spot in your very own kitchen! This recipe is simple to whip up, and tastes delicious.

4. Pomegranate chicken with almond couscous

This fruity dish is super easy to put together, filling, and ready in just 20 minutes. Perfect, healthy weeknight fare.

5. Chicken and veggie hummus quesadillas

Easy, portable and fun to eat, quesadillas always go down a treat. Try this fusion of Mexican and Latin cuisines to get a really tasty protein hit.

6. Cumin chicken and pumpkin with warm chickpea salsa

As we head into a new season, try out this recipe one night. It hints at those classic autumnal flavours we love, while also holding onto the BBQ tastes of the summer gone by.


Any of these recipes tickle your fancy? Got any of your own killer ways with chicken that aren't bland and boring? Let us know in the comments below!


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