Why coffee is great for your skin - really!

We've all heard the bad news about coffee. Drink too much and the caffeine it contains could make you jittery, interrupting your sleep cycle and making you feel anxious. But wait, what's this about coffee being great for your skin? Turns out that coffee, when applied topically to your skin, can have a number of benefits, leaving your skin soft, smooth and gorgeous! Whether you use a store-bought coffee scrub or make your own at home (our preference), here's why coffee is great for your skin...

It's loaded with antioxidants

Antioxidants are crucial when it comes to caring for your skin. Protection from free radicals, anti-ageing properties - even giving skin a glow; antioxidants can do all this and more! And coffee is loaded with them. Did you know that we get more antioxidants from coffee than from any other source (1)? Already scientists have identified as many as 1,000 antioxidants in unroasted coffee beans (2) including:

  • Vitamin E, which protects cells from oxidative damage
  • Potassium, which helps to maintain fluid balance, moisturising skin from the inside
  • Niacin, which fights wrinkles and acne

Using coffee as a skin scrub will not only slough off dead skin cells, the antioxidants it contains can help to rid your skin of toxins which have accumulated on your skin's surface during the day.

It's anti-inflammatory

The caffeine in a coffee scrub acts as a stimulant, constricting blood vessels under the skin, which can reduce puffiness and swelling. Topical coffee eye treatments can help to target puffy eyes!

It's anti-ageing

Using coffee as an exfoliator can help to prevent damage to collagen (which keeps our skin firm and elastic), which can reduce the formation of fine lines (3). The essential fatty acids that coffee contains can also protect cells from degradation, reducing wrinkles.

It leaves skin silky-soft

Using a good coffee scrub is an environmentally friendly way to exfoliate, with no added chemicals or nasty ingredients - and it's pretty cost effective too, great if you're on a budget. Coffee grounds remove dead skin cells and can help to get rid of dry, flaky patches caused by cold weather or shaving. Applying your scrub to damp skin in a gentle circular motion sloughs off dead skin cells and boosts circulation, making skin glow.

It helps fight cellulite

Time to bin those pricey gels and creams you're using to combat cellulite (diet and exercise work better anyway!) as they're full of chemicals and other ingredients which could be harmful to health. When caffeine is used on the skin, it can help to dehydrate fat cells - this causes water to disappear from the skin's surface and minimises the appearance of cellulite (4)! Using coffee costs a lot less than expensive gels and creams. Plus the massaging and exfoliating action can tighten your skin and help to stimulate blood flow, temporarily eliminating those orange-peel thighs!

Coffee scrubs are in demand at the moment, but rather than spending your hard-earned cash on one from the shops, why not make your own? You can do this in two ways. Either use (cooled) ground coffee from the pot and apply to damp skin in circular motions - make sure you do this in the bath or shower as it can be messy! Or add some coffee grounds to a natural body lotion or soap/shower gel and apply to skin in the same way - your skin will be left soft, smooth and glowing!

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Author By Paula Beaton
Date On 7th Dec 2015 at 15:24

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