Earn Money: How to make cash through Expertrain

First off, welcome to the Expertrain sharing scheme, hopefully this is the start of a great on going partnership.

At Expertrain we have carefully thought out a system that is great for you. We have tried our best to keep things simple and after reading this page carefully you should be completely comfortable with how to start earning an income through our site.

Please take a few minutes to read through this guide to make your start with us as easy as possible.


Joining the Expertrain Sharing Program          

How can I earn money with Expertrain?

In order to make money through Expertrain you must sign up and create an account after reading this article.  Your account will be approved instantly but the Expertrain team will run a few checks and get back to you within 24 hours if any problems come to light.

You can sign up at the bottom of this page.


Information required to sign up

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • PayPal email address – You will need this in order to get paid!

Ok – so at this point you’re a member of the Expertrain social sharing program. Congrats!!

To earn money you MUST be signed in to your account. Our site is packed full with great information that people love to read. This information is accompanied by adverts put in place to earn money. When visiting different pages on the site you’ll have access to your own unique URL – this is the URL you need to use to earn money.  See my “Unique Link” below.


When signed in you’ll see this along with social media buttons that when clicked will also share the said article on your chosen social media page. If you’re not signed in then your traffic will NOT be tracked and you will NOT earn!

See an example social media post below


Forbidden clicking – MUST READ

Clicking on your own adverts is strictly prohibited and is tracked by Google and Expertrain. Anyone that is found to be clicking on their own links to generate income will be permanently removed from the site without warning and stripped of all earnings.  Suspicious clicks are also tracked and any income made through what is deemed to be suspicious clicks will be deducted from your final pay out.


What will you earn?

You as a sharer will earn 80% of any money earned through your unique URL’s. That can be as little or as much cash as you want depending on your social media following and how often you’re sharing! We write all articles and keep the site new and fresh. You simply share & earn.


Tracking your earnings

All earnings can be tracked through “my account” on Expertrain.com when you’re signed in. Click on “commission report to see all earnings data. Data takes 24 hours to be shown in your account so the most up to date figures will be from you previous day. 




Getting paid

When do I receive earnings I’ve made through Expertrain?

Every 2 weeks. Friday is the day payments are scheduled for.


Any further questions you have please don’t hesitate to get in contact via the contact form in “my account”.

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy this partnership as much as we think you will. Happy earning!!

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