7 Exercises and workouts to tone and sculpt the back of your legs

Do you want leaner, toned and sculpted legs? These moves will get you there in no time. Working the back of the legs will give your legs more shape and help to support your knees. Add a few of the exercises below to your workout routine and watch as your legs transform into the sexy pins you've always wanted.

Exercises you can do at home to strengthen your hamstrings

Stiff Leg Deadlift to strengthen your hamstrings

  • Use any weighted objects you can find and place them in each hand
  • Stand up with your feet in a shoulder-width position, and bend your knees slightly
  • Move your hands towards the floor so that your weight is just above the ground, keeping your knees slightly bent and your arms straight
  • Stand up once more until your legs are straight, and your arms are also straight out next to your body
  • Bend your knees slightly once again and repeat the exercise
  • The slight bend in your knees will allow your hamstrings to do the work until your legs are straight
  • Complete your desired set of repetitions

Single Leg Deadlift to challenge your hamstrings

  • Take a weight in each of your hands, such as a can of food or something similar in nature that you can hold comfortably
  • Stand upright, with your arms fully extended and your hands at your sides
  • Lift your left foot so it is slightly off the floor, and then lean your upper body forwards as far as you can, while also extending your left leg backwards as far as possible
  • Slowly return your body to the upright position, with your left foot slightly raised
  • Complete the desired number of repetitions, before carrying out another set where your right leg is raised and extended
  • Be careful not to overextend your legs, or it could affect your balance
  • Complete your desired number of sets

Extended Lunge to work the back of your thighs

  • Stand in a large open space
  • Take a larger than normal step forward until you feel you’re stretching
  • Move the knee at the back down towards the floor
  • Hold this position for a second, feeling the stretch in the front of your thigh on the stretched leg and pressure through your bum on the standing leg
  • Slowly raise yourself back up to the starting position
  • Repeat as many times as desired
  • Then swap legs and repeat the exercise again from the start

Intermediate Exercises to tone up your thighs

How to use a seated leg curl machine to sculpt your thighs

  • Sit with your back against the back rest
  • Choose an appropriate weight for your exercise
  • Position the weighted pad so that it rests on your lower calves
  • Stretch your legs and point your toes
  • Keeping your torso straight and your back against the rest start pulling your ankles towards your bum.
  • Hold the position for a second
  • Slowly raise your feet until you are back in the starting position again
  • Repeat the exercise

Advanced Exercises for lean and toned legs

How to do stiff legged deadlift with a bar to strengthen your hamstrings

  • Carefully grasp the bar using the palms-down overhand grip
  • For a heavy lift, you might want to use wrist straps
  • Always keep your back straight and avoid any jerky movements
  • Adopt a stance with your torso straight and your feet at a width equal to or slightly narrower than that of your shoulders
  • With knees slightly bent and holding the bar at just below waist height, this is your starting point
  • Inhale as you keep your knees stationary, bend at the hips, and keep your back straight, as you lower the bar by making a forward movement until you feel your hamstrings stretch with the bar at a point between your knees and feet
  • Exhale as you extend your hips and straighten your torso, returning to your starting point
  • Repeat until you have completed your set

How to do a stiff legged deadlift with dumbbells to work the back of the legs

  • Carefully and firmly hold each dumbbell at arm’s length down either side of your body
  • Avoid any jerky movements and don’t try to use dumbbells that are too heavy for you
  • Adopt a comfortable starting position where your legs are the width of, or slightly narrower than, that of your shoulders. Your knees should be slightly bent and your torso straight
  • Keep your knees stationary as you move forward and lower the dumbbells to a point between knee and foot where you feel a stretch through your hamstrings – exhale as you complete this part of the exercise
  • Return your torso to its original position by extending your hips and waist – inhale as you complete this action
  • Repeat the exercise until you have finished your set of repetitions

How to do a dumbbell leg curl to work your hamstrings

  • Prepare bench at a slight incline
  • Select a dumbbell weight and place it at the end of the bench
  • Lie face down on the bench and position your knees so they're at the edge.
  • Use your ankles to 'pick up' and secure the dumbbell
  • Fully extend your legs (if you're struggling for stability 'hug' the bench with your arms)
  • Bend your knees slowly and curl the dumbbell up towards your bum
  • Pause and lower the dumbbell until your legs are straight again
  • Repeat for the desired amount of reps and sets