Exercises that work perfectly together to create a 'beautiful butt-toning workout'

Form the perfect butt with these exercises. After sitting on your bum for the majority of the day it's vital you give your butt an all-important workout. Add the exercises below to your workout routine and sculpt a butt to be proud of.

Intermediate Exercises to sculpt the best bum

How to do side lying leg abduction to tone your butt

  • Lie on one side, supporting your head by bending the arm closest to the floor into a comfortable rest
  • Ensure you are lying fully on your side and that your hips are vertically aligned
  • Bend the leg closest to the floor for stability
  • Straighten your top leg, flexing your foot upward at a 90 degree or larger angle
  • Raise your leg up and slightly back at a 50-70 degree angle from the floor
  • Return to starting position
  • Keep your leg straight and your foot flexed throughout the exercise
  • Your foot should not touch the floor until you are done with this exercise

How to do a single leg squat challenge your glutes

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your toes pointing straight forwards
  • Extend the leg you are not exercising forwards into the air at a 40-60 degree angle from the other leg, enough that it will not touch the floor when the other leg is bent
  • Extend your arms out straight in front of your body, palms down. Feel free to use one arm for support against the wall
  • Keeping your back straight, bend the leg you are exercising and move your hips back into a sitting position
  • Do not bend your leg lower than a 90 degree angle (right angle) at the knee
  • Do not allow your knee to move in front of your toes
  • Start with shallow single leg squats and increase gradually
  • Return to the starting position

Advanced Exercises to work your glutes

How to do a hip abduction with a cable to challenge your glutes

  • Stand next to a secure wall or pole with built in cable attachments
  • Adjust the cable attachments so that they are at ankle level
  • Choose an appropriate weight or resistance
  • Affix the cable to the ankle of your outside leg
  • Position your inside leg behind the cable, with your foot flat on the ground
  • Slowly raise your outside leg, without bending your knee or moving your hips
  • If you need extra balance, lean one hand against the wall or pole beside you
  • Slowly bring your leg back down to the floor
  • Repeat