The 6 best exercises to strengthen and tone the perfect shoulders

Below are 6 of Expertrain's best exercises that can be placed into workouts to strengthen and sculpt your shoulders. The videos below will allow you to improve the strength, size, and appearance of your shoulder muscles. 

Shoulder exercises and workouts you can do at home

Shoulder Raise to work Deltoid

  • Take a household weight in each hand, such as tinned food or something else that can be gripped easily
  • Sit down on a sturdy chair or workout bench
  • Once seated in a comfortable position with your back flat against the rear of the chair, place your hands alongside your shoulders with your elbows bent
  • Extend your arms until the weights are pressed above your head, keeping your hands in line with your shoulders at all times
  • Slowly lower the weights back to your starting position
  • You can vary the alignment of your hands with each exercise to target all areas of your shoulder muscles
  • Complete your desired set of repetitions

Front Raise to work Deltoid

  • Take a weight in each hand, such as tinned food or a similarly-heavy household object
  • Stand up straight with your feet at the same width apart as your shoulders
  • Place your hands down by your hips, with your arms straight
  • While maintaining a straight arm, raise your right hand until it is in line with your right shoulder
  • Return your right arm to the original position, and repeat the exercise with your left arm
  • You can also raise both arms together to vary the intensity of the exercise
  • Complete your desired set of repetitions

Arnold Press to work Deltoid

  • Take a weight in each hand - this could be a tin of food or a similar object from your home
  • Sit down on a workout bench or a sturdy chair
  • Keep your back in contact with the rear of the chair if there is back support
  • Bring your elbows in line with your shoulders, as close to your upper body as possible, and keep your palms facing in
  • Extend your arms until they are straight above your head, rotating the weights so your palms finish facing away from you
  • Slowly return your arms to their original position, your palms should now be facing towards you again
  • Complete your desired set of repetitions

Intermediate exercises to strengthen your shoulders

How to do the shoulder press with dumbbells to work Deltoid

  • Take a dumbbell carefully in each hand
  • Take your place on the bench if you are using one for your exercise. Otherwise assume your standing starting position (a bench is always recommended if you have any lower back worries)
  • Place both dumbbells in an upright position at the top of your thighs
  • Use your thighs for extra help as you raise each dumbbell alternately to shoulder height
  • Complete your starting position by rotating your wrists to ensure that your palms are facing forward
  • Carefully exhale and then push the dumbbells upwards until they gently meet at the highest position
  • Pause briefly before slowly returning the weights to their starting point, inhaling as you do so
  • Complete your set number of repetitions

Advanced exercises to train and build your shoulders 

How to do handstand press ups to work Deltoid

  • Kick yourself into a handstand against the wall
  • You should be strong enough to hold yourself in this position for at least 15-20 seconds
  • Your back should be facing towards the wall
  • Your arms and elbows should be straight
  • Slowly bend your elbows to lower yourself towards the ground
  • Push yourself back up until your arms are once again straight

How to do cable reverse fly to work Deltoid

  • Begin by setting the pulley on the dual cable machine to a low setting, and then choose the level of weight resistance you wish to use
  • Facing away from the machine, grasp each handle with the opposing hand (e.g. left hand for right handle)
  • Stand straight with crossed arms and the chosen weight slightly off its stack
  • With your knees slightly bent, bend at the waist to bring your torso forward. Your head should be up and eyes facing forward
  • Using only your shoulders, and keeping your elbows slightly bent, uncross your arms and bring them up with a semi-circular action until they are parallel with the floor
  • At the top of this movement, squeeze your shoulders, then slowly lower back to your starting position as you recross your arms
  • Complete set number of repetitions