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Pull Up

Trainer: Daniel Westwell

I like to try different techniques with my exercises and this is one I like to do with my Pull Ups.

James Morris Working Out

Trainer: James Morris

Workout 16.2 from the Reebok CrossFit Games

Rip Trainer

Trainer: Luke Buttle

The best piece of equipment to work the transverse plane of motion. We have 3 planes of motion and its important to train all 3

#Makeithappen | Happy Birthday!

Trainer: Brandon Hepburn

Rope + Tyre Pull

Trainer: K

Here is a short clip from my sessions with Sky Sports News presenter Natalie Sawyer. Working hard as always.

Box Fit Class

Trainer: K

This is a clip from one of my boxing classes that I take at Sky. Everyone working hard and enjoying themselves. The way it should be!

Abs on Fire

Trainer: karleigh wright

This is a pretty advanced video of a plank workout, I hope you'd like to give it a go, start small and end big ;) practice makes perfect!

Dragon Flag

Trainer: Tiago André Mendes Pereira

Cross over lunges

Trainer: Tiago André Mendes Pereira

Go back and forward, 20 steps each side 40 in total (one set complete)
60s rest between sets

Booty Alert

Trainer: Tiago André Mendes Pereira

Keep those gluts and under tension...
10 steps each side
30s rest between sets

Leg finisher

Trainer: Tiago André Mendes Pereira

This is done in the end of your leg workout
Just 3 sets of 10 reps...non stop

Training with Former World Champion - Johnny Nelson

Trainer: Luke Buttle

Our Client and former World Boxing Champion Johnny Nelson and I being put through our paces.


Trainer: Gary Roper

Training Clients

TRX Headstand

Trainer: Luke Buttle

Does your core workout look like this?

Advanced TRX Press Ups

Trainer: Luke Buttle

One of those 'Don't try this at home' moments but at the same time its a kick ass move!

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